You're craving a life with soul-purpose, but there are so many choices to be overwhelmed with-

relationships, money, career moves, health, that itching feeling that you want to start a side hustle, on top of your revolving to-do list, and all the daily decisions to be made about all the daily things.

It's exhausting and you're feeling stuck. 

You're smart, though, so you've tried things. You've done the research, read some books, tried to KonMari your life, and even looked up your Saturn Return dates. 

And yet nothing has worked. 

Feeling Overwhelmed?

The Truth about why nothing has WORKED YET  

  • When facing decisions, it's easy to fall into overwhelm-
        because the more you research, the more you end up adding to your to-do list, the more overwhelmed you feel. Rinse, repeat.

  • There's often an internal battle-
        head versus heart versus friend's advice versus that podcast you listened to- all adding to feeling stuck

  • As humans, we tend to focus on productivity & efficiency- 
        you're smart- you've got the calendars, the apps, the downloaded freebies. But you're realizing that something is missing

  • All this leads to going in circles- 
        When we're focused on fixing the overwhelm, it ends up controlling your life. There’s more stress, less momentum, and it all feels out of control. Over-thinking and analysis paralysis take over, until it seems easier to just scroll Insta on the couch
    (while that business doesn’t get built, health doesn't happen, and your great adventure gets pushed to the back burner).

Let's Make This Easier

You deserve your best life. And I know you're trying to make it happen. Manifestation is an active process made up of all the decisions you make. However, when your subconscious is layered with conditioning - from childhood, from society, from insecurities-  decision-making becomes a confusing, clouded process.

So here's what we do: 




We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back. Negative self talk, insecurity, and fear all come from what we experienced in our family and peers growing up. Authenticity is uncovering and clearing away all that conditioning. 



"Brilliance" is another way of talking about your soul, your unique shine, your individuality. The second step to creating, and living,
your best life is two-fold: expanding your own brilliance, and noticing the reflected brilliance in others.  



While manifesting your best life, you'll encounter tests meant to derail you. 

Clarity is making choices that reflect your Authenticity and Brilliance. By doing that, we are stepping into our worth and making room for our manifestations.

Ready for More?

I'm Misti Dawnn, and I wholeheartedly believe 3 things:

 1. that your best life is possible, and it is made one decision at a time

 2. that you can make those decisions without overwhelm

 3. that the magic is found in your Authenticity, Brilliance, and Clarity 

I've worked with over 2,000 individuals as a life coach for 2 top American institutions, featured for my work on designing a life based on desires, and I'm a certified coach through the Courageous Living Coach Certification program. 


We’ll work together exploring how you can bust through confusion and conditioning, get unstuck, and confidently know the next right step to any decision you face.  

The investment is $497 for 3 months and includes workbooks & meditations. 

Schedule your FREE session today,  and get one step closer
to having clear answers to that tough choice

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