The Power of Pink Nail Polish

Maybe it's a girl thing. Maybe it's a #bossbabe thing. Maybe it's a Summer thing.

But getting my nails painted pink in the season of high temperatures, lounging pool days, and coffee shop afternoons feels just so freaking good.

Part of me imagines the process as a sacred ritual to get ready for battle. Nails shaped and accentuated to show my strength to claw and crawl my way through any situation. Nails highlighted with color like our ancestors painted murals and pottery and themselves for different purposes.

Do I think I'm being a little.. much.. a little dramatic and silly comparing my nail polish to ancient rituals? Maybe, yes.

But mostly I feel connected to the women that have come before me. I feel respectful of the struggles they endured in the past to pave the way for how we live today. I feel simultaneously grounded in a lineage of strong women and elevated with the privilege to stand on their shoulders.

In the days after a fresh coat of pink paint, I imagine that their wisdom flows into the keys I'm tapping to share with you. And as the paint starts to crack and my nails get dirty, I imagine that their courage and strength pushes me to live my most full life.

My pink nail polish actually encourages me to think of you. Women with red nails, and sharp nails, and bare nails, and glitter nails. Women who tap their nails, women who bite their nails. All of us as tough as nails. All of us a part of the Divine Feminine.

My pink nails make me think that I finally understand what Divine Feminine means.

My pink nails are a symbol, a manifesto to take my place in the world. To be courageous, and unique, and beautiful, and brilliant, and exactly what I am.

What's your version of the power of pink nail polish?


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