The Ideal Way to Make Decisions

~~~~~~ Ready to tackle overwhelm and make decisions that support your best life? This is right where you're supposed to be, lovely soul! ~~~~~~ I imagine that you've already completed the Ideal Day activity at least once (if not multiple times!) While I do believe it's an excellent activity to help give some direction to your life, it’s often missing some major components. For starters, the Ideal Day activity focuses on imagining a 24-hour snapshot of your favorite day… and if you’re like most people, your favorite day is going to be a vacation day! By writing about a vacation kind of day - waking up lazily, doing relaxing activities, lounging by the pool with mai tais- this leads to creating a blueprint for a day that isn’t applicable to the rest of your actual life. So, I'm in favor of creating an Ideal EVERY Day. Another issue with your typical Ideal Day activity is that it doesn’t factor in your Choice Code. Without knowing your values or motivations, your Ideal Day can end up looking like a slightly nicer to-do list. And isn't the point to escape from to-do lists? (Not sure what Choice Code even means? Head here). Armed with your Choice Code, we can create a more intentional, purposeful, and soulful Ideal Every Day. Which leads to less confusion and more confidence in all the decisions you face. Let's do this! While answering the questions below, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Try to include all of your five senses as much as possible. The description should focus on how you want to feel in your life, more than being a list of goals. For example, simply stating that you drive a red Ferrari isn’t as great as describing how it makes you feel as you drive with the gentle purr of the engine and boldly glide over highways. 2. Remember that this is your Ideal Every Day, not just your favorite day. Think about how you want to feel and what you want to do day in and day out. 3. We took time and energy to determine your Choice Code- so use it! Keep each of your four compass words in mind as you answer the questions. What does waking up feel like? What’s around you? What do you do in your first few hours of being awake? How do you transition into 'work'? What do you do for work? What brings in income for you? What projects are you working on? What is home for you? What does it feel like to walk through your home? What are some of your prized possessions? When you leave your home, where do you go? Why do you go to those specific places? What is the neighborhood and environment around you? Who are the people in your Ideal Every Day? What are your proudest accomplishments? How do your accomplishments fit with your Choice Code? What does ending your day feel like? What’s around you? What do you do in the last few hours of your evening? What leaves you feeling most complete at the end of your day?

Now that you've worked through the first draft of your Ideal Every Day, I recommend letting your answers marinate for a day or two. Reflect on what you wrote, what you want, and what you already have.

Want the insider secret to really take this to the next level? After you've let your Ideal Every Day marinate, read back through it with the intention to search out your Choice Code. Where does your Ideal Every Day reflect your values? (I did this recently with my Life Coach, and omg the revelations!) Most importantly, what decisions can you make this week to support your values and your Ideal Every Day?


-Misti Dawnn


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