Routine & Ritual

'Habit' seems to be the hottest buzzword lately, and its all about creating routines. Routines that are supposed to support your best life, create ease and simplicity, and bring you success.

However, when you stop to think about it, these habits and routines can be constricting; either we cling to them or we run from them. Let's start with the definitions:

ROUTINE noun a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. adjective performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.

HABIT noun a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Procedure, fixed, hard to give up, no special reason.

Yeah... no thank you.

And as humans we get tripped up on both sides: we either can't seem to settle into our habits or we end up letting out habits define our life.

On one side, routine is the exact same set of habits, day in and day out. Wake at 7am, coffee, get dressed, commute, work, commute, TV, sleep, wake, coffee... That's a habit loop that keeps you stuck. Like STUUUCK real bad. Once your routine has set deep grooves into the habit loop, once you've stacked up and ingrained a cue-routine-reward-cue-routine-reward-cue-routine-reward loop, it's tough getting out of it. Not hopeless, but tough. It feels like routine has got a death grip on you.

Or perhaps you're on the other side and just can't seem to get a routine going. You've heard so many great things about habits; habits equal success, habits equal happiness, habits equal ease. But when you get really honest with yourself, you realize that you just don't like being told what to do. Even if it's YOU trying to tell yourself what to do. Internally, you just couldn't bare that kind of monotony. Give me spontaneity or give me death! Yet, isn't a life without some form of routine just a random, meaningless existence.

Oh jeez! Do you realize that each of those options (well, the paragraphs about those options) end with death? Routine either has you in a lifeless, lifelong rinse-and-repeat cycle OR you're trying so hard to avoid routine that life feels disjointed, ungrounded, too random to have a purpose.

We need something different.

I propose Ritual. Ritual recognizes the importance of daily committed action. Ritual provides space for daily committed action without the rinse-and-repeat monotony. Ritual focuses on the intentions that really underline your actions.

Ritual is magic, my friend. With Ritual, you aren't doing yoga at 9am because you always do yoga at 9am, you're doing yoga this morning because you've set a Ritual to do something that feels good in your body everyday. So tomorrow, your Ritual could be a run, and the next day it could be drinking a smoothie while sitting on porch swing. It takes the emphasis away from the action and moves it back to how you really want to feel in life.

We are all aware that our time and energy are currencies. What we chose to spend them on, matters. And it goes way beyond the actual activity that we are doing- it's the intentions underneath. Rituals are like having your own magical spell to magnify those intentions, manifest what you're truly after, and in turn expand your life.

What Rituals are you ready to cast?

Some examples:

A Ritual of self-love? That could be a rotating practice of meditation, affirmations, smoothie breakfasts, and yoga. A Ritual of manifesting abundance? That could be a weekly practice of budgeting and gratitude journaling.

A Ritual of connection? That could be volunteering this week, and a group dinner date next week.

A Ritual of grounding? That could be a daily hour without social media, spending your focus on anything random you wanted to today.

Love & Magic,

-Misti Dawnn


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