Promise Keeping

I had been giving away my power.

You see, I dated this guy and while we were dating I thought life was perfect. I lost weight easily, I felt more alive, I was organized and on top, I was so happy. When we broke up, I was devastated. It felt like overnight, I had lost everything. I had attributed all my personal success to him.

Recently, though, I've had the most brilliant revelation- that guy didn't make everything happen for me. Rather, I made everything happen, including him!

It's a small shift, and I want to make sure I'm portraying it right, so don't sleep on this!

This realization came when I was sorting through my box of mementos- pictures, trinkets, a gold marathon medal. I remembered that I got that medal after promising myself to run a half marathon. I promised myself to make consistent practice runs. I promised myself to wake up early and cross train. I promised myself to eat healthier to fuel my progress. I promised myself to be more organized with my schedule so that I could fit in training.

It was only after making and keeping those promises, that the guy showed up in my life. He was a by-product of my promise-keeping, not the catalyst of what was making me successful. The power was mine all along.

I believe that self-promising is a universal rule for manifesting. By practicing promise-making, you're showing yourself - and the Universe- that you mean business, that you know you're powerful, and that the words you say have authority.

When you're feeling out-of-control and it seems like you're stuck, one of the best ways out is to start keeping the promises you make to yourself!


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