Permission to be In Process

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Are you in hiding because you're only halfway up the mountain? Missing out on connection while you're in process? Photo by May Barros

A lesson I’ve been grappling with this month- It’s ok to be in process.

When a fellow life coach posted a call for podcast interviewees, I raised my hand.

How exciting to be on a podcast! And immediately after I signed up, panic crashed over me. Who am I to be interviewed?? What in the world was I thinking?? I haven’t achieved anything worth talking about! My business isn’t built!! I’m still in process!!!

And that still, small voice that people talk about whispered to me, “Talk about being in process.”


Well, yeah, I guess I could do that.

After sitting with that thought for over a week now, and preparing for the interview, I’ve been putting some pieces together:

  • How many of us shrink back from opportunities because we haven’t ‘reached the summit’ or completed our entire process yet?

  • How many of us feel Impostor Syndrome because no one else is talking about the climb, only the success they’ve achieved, making us feel like we’re the only ones climbing?

  • How many of us don’t reach out to talk about our process, trying to hide until we’ve reached our goal?

  • How many moments of real connection and vulnerability are we missing when we aren’t sharing our process?

There are so many times I let this get in way of opportunities around me. I *can’t* start a coaching business when I’m still reading self-help books for myself. I *can’t* give that presentation because I'm still grappling with the topic I *can’t* be successful when I’m still stuck in this situation...

But the reminder- it’s ok to be in process.

We don’t have to wait until some magical moment when we've made it to the other side of the mountain, and our growth is completed, and we've accomplished all the goals.

Instead, the magical moment IS in the process. The magic IS in connecting and sharing and being vulnerable with others who are doing the same. The magic is being seen as the imperfect humans that we are so that others have permission to be imperfect humans in process too.

Accept this permission-

It's ok to be in process.


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