From Confusion to Clarity

As humans just trying to live life, we're bombarded with choices every minute: -What's for breakfast? -What face lotion should I use? -What route should I take to work?

-What side hustle should I start?

-How could I switch careers?

-Who should I date this Friday night?

-What's the best way to grow my 401(k)?

-What's for lunch?

-What IS my contribution to the world?

So. Many. Choices. Like. Woah.

Thank goodness some of those choices become autopilot, and thank goodness there are tools to make decision-making easier for the bigger things!

While there is a complete program for totally aligning your Choices with your Soul (my SoulChoice Process of Authenticity + Brilliance + Clarity), by just looking at the first step of Authenticity and breaking it down into 3 easy steps, you can be lightyears closer to knowing the right choice for you.

In this intro video, I share the SoulChoice Process and prep you for the 3 easy Authentic steps:

- Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

- Discover Your Inner Compass

- Know Your Decision-Making Strategy


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