Confusion to Clarity: Your Inner Compass

We've already covered that it can be overwhelming to make all the choices that we have to in life, and we know that the first step in lessening some of the confusion is clearing out our limiting beliefs.

But once those walls of limiting beliefs are down, where next? Which proverbial direction do you turn?

That's when you'll need your Inner Compass. Your Inner Compass is comprised of your goals (the ultimate destination) and your values (the path you take). Most people have an idea of their goals, however deciding on which path to take is what normally gets us so confused.

Luckily, finding your values, and in turn your Inner Compass can be an easy process. You just need dedicated time, a journal, your favorite pen, and maybe I've included some directions and tips below the video.

Discover Your Inner Compass

1. Grab pen and paper, maybe have a computer nearby

2. Start by trying to write down as many values as possible without prompts. Sometimes, prompts can cloud the ideas that are already in your mind, so starting without prompts can provide a lot of insight about what your mind is thinking without bias.

3. Try answering the following questions:

-What did you enjoy doing as a kid? More importantly, WHY did you enjoy that?

-When you buy most things, how are you hoping to feel?

- Who is a person you admire? And what about them do you admire specifically?

-If tomorrow you woke up with absolutely everything you want, all your goals achieved and physical wants attained, how would that feel? How would you hope to feel?

4. If you've got a long list of potential Inner Compass values, start narrowing down. What synonyms can you pick between? Which words pull your attention? Which words feel electric?

5. Note: Pay attention to words like Successful or Happy. Everyone wants to feel successful and happy, so I encourage you to dig deeper into words like these.

-What would happy really feel like for you? -What's underneath your version of success? What would make it yours?

-If you feel stuck here, head to Plug in the word you know could be deepened, and chase that rabbit hole until you stumble on a word that can't be ignored!

6. Note: Anything can be a personal value- you want to feel electric in your life? Electric can totally be one of your values. So can Spicy, Lighting Bolt, Adventure, Joie de Vivre, Simplified, The Eye of the Tiger, Ocean Depths. Literally anything. This is YOUR compass.

7. Once you have your 3-5 values, any choice you face becomes instantly easier. Just take out your Inner Compass and see which direction it points. For example, say my Inner Compass is Authenticity, Brilliance, and Clarity and I've just been offered a new job in a new state. Should I do it? Well, if this new job and new state would support me in feeling more Authenticity, Brilliance, and Clarity then it's a yes! If not, then no. It's that easy!

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