Confusion to Clarity: Your Decision-Making Strategy

Woot, step 3!

Now that we've knocked down some limiting beliefs and discovered our Inner Compass, the last step is to know your Decision-Making Strategy.

I'm really excited to share this step with you because it's a little on the woo side! That's right, we're looking at your Human Design chart!

Before we dive right in, I want to share a disclaimer of sorts. While I do believe that there's a wide variety of 'personality assessments' out there that can show some real truths about who you are- my favorite aspect of personality assessments is that they don't actually have to be true for you to learn about yourself!

It's true. Let's take something simple and silly like a 'What Disney Princess Are You?' quiz. You answer the questions and your result says that you're most like Mulan. The description says you are fierce, dedicated, and more of a quiet warrior. If you scoff at that and say, for example, "I'm not quiet at all! I'm definitely more of a loud fighter!" Ah ha! There you go, you've learned and confirmed that your personality is a loud one. That's something true about you.

I say all of that to say that you don't have to believe in astrology, or Human Design, or Myers-Briggs, or Chakra reading, or anything to gain something from it. So suspend your disbelief for a second and let's explore everything we can from your Decision-Making Strategy through Human Design:

To gain as much as you can from Human Design in regards to making decisions, first you'll make your chart (you can get a free one here:, and then you'll want to look at your Type, then your Authority.


Generators and Manifesting Generators: must RESPOND to whatever comes to them in their life. They are not here to initiate or manifest anything, except in RESPONSE.  Generally speaking, these types will 'hear' sacral sounds to know how to respond- these indicators come as non-verbal sounds: "unun", "ahunh", "mmmmm", “ahhhhhh."  Once heard it is clear whether the response can be translated into a 'yes' or a 'no' - whether they should go towards something, or someone - or away from them.

Projectors: are also not here to initiate, because as non-energy types they do not have consistent life force energy to go into something unless they have been specifically chosen by others. Projectors then are waiting for the INVITATION to come to them. An invitation can always be turned down if it is not correct, which is where Projectors still have choice and control over their lives.

**There's a love note for Projectors as the bottom of this page**

Manifestors: CAN initiate, and they are the only type that can. However, the world often feels constricting and full of boundaries for Manifestors. For this reason Manifestors have the strategy of INFORMING those they will impact, before (I repeat BEFORE) they do something which often has a strong impact on those around them. It's important to note that this is NOT asking for permission, but is merely a way to clear the way for the Manifestor to be all they can be, giving people a warning often results in them getting out of the way.

Reflectors: only approx 1% of the population, must wait out a full turn of the moon's cycle before they make their decisions - and often many turns of the moon (a 28.5 day cycle). They move in a much slower time frame to the rest of the population, and they're feelings can change drastically within a month. To clearly know the right decision to make, Reflectors should wait this long so that they can weigh their choices through all of their emotions. **Love note for Reflectors at the bottom of this page**


Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus)- With a defined Solar Plexus. Emotional Authority is grounded in feeling rather than thinking.  Emotions work in a wave, so its is all about giving yourself time to experience the full wave of your emotions. This is not a fast process and one you do not want to rush. So when making a decision, if you begin to think, STOP. Instead, feel into your choices and give yourself time. An extra note for Emotional Authority- you'll rarely feel 100% about a choice. This is because if you properly wait through all the emotions, you'll be a tiny bit biased by what it felt like at the lowest of the wave. That makes things a little bit trickier, but if you've gone through the emotion-wave and are feeling 75%-80% sure about a choice, its the right one.

Sacral Authority- Generators and Manifesting Generators are the only ones with Sacral Authority. Sacral Authority is a primal response to right now that has very simple sounds: uh-huh (yes), uhn-un (no) and hmmm (wait for more energy or information).  Because of the yes-no-maybe nature of this Authority, when you're facing a decision, you'll want to ask your body yes-or-no questions. It's important to note that Sacral Authority is about RESPONDING- this often means that you'll need to dip your toe in whatever choice your curious about and start working towards any answer before the Sacral will give you the real answer.

Splenic Authority – only Manifestors and Projectors have Splenic Authority. Splenic Authority communicates subtly and instantaneously: it sends the message in the moment and will not repeat itself. So with this Authority, you'll want to really practice tuning in with what nervousness, anxiety, excitement, and unease uniquely feel like in your body, and start learning when your body is excited but scared or just plain telling you to retreat! If you're feeling excited-nervous, that's your YES, and you need to push through the "what might the future bring??" thoughts from the Mind Center that create anxiety. If you're feeling icky-uneasy-nervous, that's your NO and your body's way of saying THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU.

Ego/Heart Authority -  This authority is also exclusive to Manifestors and Projectors, but operates very differently for each type. For Manifestors, the Heart is defined through a connection to the throat, and because of this connection, you'll know your truth when you speak it. In other words, literally talk it out. Have a trusted friend and confidant that you can blurt out an idea storm of rambling, and notice that as you're speaking your thoughts are started to connect and make sense and ah-ha! You know what you need to do! You'll feel a pull towards something or a push away from something, and that's your answer.

On the other hand, if you're a Projector then the heart is defined through the G (self) center (with an undefined sacral) then its less about speaking and more about feeling the pushes and pulls from your heartspace after you receive an invitation.

G Authority (Self-Projected) – this authority is exclusive to Projectors and grounded in the expression of the Self. Like Ego Authority for Manifestors, you'll want to talk it out with people you trust deeply. And as you're speaking, pay attention to how it feels to say whatever you're saying- let what you blurt be your guide! Just start talking about what you want to do and then pay attention to the things you say you want to do and act on those. You need to bypass the Mind/Ajna Center, which wants to analyze and problem solve...and just let the Self/Identity Center answer the questions "Will this make me happy? Am I headed in the right direction? Is this meant for me?" AND THEN LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SAY.

Lunar Authority –  When none of the nine centers are defined, this is the Reflector. Since ALL of your energy centers are undefined, and you are super vulnerable to conditioning influence of others, so you need to be a ruthless curator of the energies you allow around you. Think about who has energy you want to emulate as you talk out the potential plan of action you, listen to what YOU have to say, talk it out again, listen to what YOU have to say, lather, rinse, repeat for 28 days and then take action from there.

**Love Note for Projectors and Reflectors:

Hi loves. I know "waiting for the invitation" and "waiting a full lunar cycle" can feel like god-awful, maddening advice. I really do, I'm a Projector and it IS frustrating to wait for the invite. I just wanted to let you know that those strategies ONLY APPLY TO MAJOR LIFE DECISIONS. You don't need to be invited to try the chicken sandwich for lunch. You do not need wait 28 days to buy a dress you love. Micro-decisions get the micro-strategy: do what feels good in this moment. Your authority becomes increasingly important as the decision becomes increasingly important. That's all. I love you.


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