Confusion to Clarity: Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

Feeling confused and cloudy about a decision?

First, that's totally normal!

Second, there are easy steps you can take today to get closer to clarity.

Today, we're going to get clear on what you really want, what's in the way, and how to dismantle some limiting beliefs.

Why limiting beliefs? Because you're smart. You've already been making pro/con lists, talking your decision over with friends, and deliberating this logistics of each potential option. You might even already know the best option, but you're having a hard time committing and following through. Limiting beliefs are blinders that keep you stuck because they prevent you from seeing your situation clearly.

In the video below, I talk you through the process of dismantling limiting beliefs. If you're more of a reader, I've posted directions below the video.

A Quick Lesson in Dismantling Limiting Beliefs

Open up a blank page where you like to write or type notes, and work through the following steps:

1. What do you want, but don't have yet? What's something you desire? - Example: A new relationship

2. Why don't you have whatever it is you want? What's in the way? - There aren't any good men left; I'm too old/weird/dominate/etc

3. Take those answers and put them into "I can't..." format.

- I can't find a new relationship because there aren't any good men left

4. Rephrase the "I can't'...because" statements to "I'm resistant to.. because I believe" statements.

- I'm resistant to a new relationship because I believe I'm too dominating.

5. Give yourself time to let your last answers sit with you. Reflect on the shift that happens when you realize that you're actually resistant to what you really want, and recognize that the excuses you had were sneaky limiting beliefs.

6. When you're ready, take each of your limiting beliefs and address them as if a friend had told you.

- If my friend told me that she's resisting a new relationship because she believes that she's too dominate I would tell her all the great things about her, and remind her that her personality is exactly what some people are looking for in a relationship.

7. Time to reflect again, this time on how it could feel to listen to your own advice and possibly even follow it. How does it feel to have a rebuttal to your limiting beliefs? With this knowledge, what's your next step?


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