Choice Code

You’re here because you know, deep-down-to-your-bones know, that you were made for a great life. You're ready for that one great shift to happen that causes everything to fall beautifully into place. And maybe the existentialist in you has been nudging you to remember that we've got a limited amount of time to turn your great dreams into reality.

However, we’re often so caught up in the pursuit of happiness that we aren't making any progress on our actual dreams. 

Wait, hol'up. Isn't the pursuit of happiness exactly what gets us to our dreams? I'm so glad you caught that, babe.

While each of us may strive for individuality, if you look closer you’ll notice that we've got homogeneous goals. Ask anyone, 'How would you like to feel?' and you'll hear 'happy' and 'successful' over and over and over and over again. So we buy clothes and purchase homes and apply for promotions because that's what will make us 'happy and successful.' But we haven't stopped to figure out what our own individual version of 'happy and successful' really means. We're on the pursuit of happiness without stopping to ask if this is even the right route.

By unpacking your own version of 'happy and successful' you might actually discover that you want to feel vibrant, connected, and abundant. Or you might discover that your version of 'happy and successful' is really feeling grounded, peaceful, and rested.

As you dig deeper into your own personal pursuit of happiness, along the way you'll discover your own unique Choice Code. To best explain this, consider building a house; you'll plan out where to put the kitchen, how big to make the bedrooms, what color to paint the walls. But, think about this- what determines those decisions? The answer: how you want to feel in your home. If you want to feel cozy, you choose designs, and colors, and furniture that feels cozy. You want to feel vibrant, you choose designs, and colors, and furniture that feels vibrant.

How you want to feel is so very important to the design of your life and the choices you make. Just like hiking without a compass, without your Choice Code you won't know what direction you're heading- so decisions can keep you spinning in circles without actual progress.

That changes today. You're ready to stop mindlessly following the pursuit of happiness, and you're ready to start living YOUR great life. It starts with discovering your Choice Code.

There are questions below that guide you through discovering your Choice Code. As you respond to the questions, remember this isn’t about answering with what you should answer in order to be a good, cool, respected, or a loved human. This is about getting ruthlessly honest with yourself and cutting out the non-authentic fluff. List four answers for each question, starting with the most relevant to least. Don’t get caught in your thoughts and don’t get overly careful with the answers. You will begin to see overlaps and similarities.

List four answers for each question with the most relevant to least. Read the full question before responding. Let's do this!

1. What do you spend most of your time and energy on? What do you do in your natural habitat when nobody is watching and in your day-to-day? List the top 4.

2. What do you spend most of your money on? What are you budgeting for? When you think of wanting money, what do you honestly and authentically want to get with it?

3. What do you spend most of your time thinking about? What do you visualize most when you’re dreaming about the future? What things? People? Experiences?

4. In social settings, what do you find yourself talking about most? Or wishing you could say if you were talking about the subjects that interest you the most? List the top 4.

5. When it comes to Google, what do you love to learn about most? What do you find

yourself researching most? List the top 4.

6. What are the common topics of your non-fiction books, youtube videos, blogs?

Look over the four elements that you listed the most, above. What is the core essence beneath them? What 4 words describe how do you most want to feel in life?


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